Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Vienna, People’s, legally known as Altenrhein Luftfahrt GmbH, is an Austrian airline that prides itself on providing both scheduled and charter passenger flights, predominantly from its base at St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport in Switzerland. Initially named People’s Viennaline, it rebranded in May 2018. Despite experiencing some turbulence with route terminations and restructuring, which included reducing its fleet and discontinuing certain charter operations, People’s has maintained its commitment to delivering reliable flight services across its diverse range of destinations.


People’s has a rich tapestry of destinations, flying to various locations such as Austria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, and Spain. Seasonal flights to popular destinations like Pula, Cephalonia, Preveza, and various locations in Italy and Spain are also offered. Furthermore, the airline provides connections to alluring destinations within Switzerland, enhancing the travel options for their clientele.


The airline operates with an Embraer 170 aircraft, ensuring a cozy and efficient travel experience for its passengers. With a capacity to comfortably seat 76 passengers, the aircraft assures a seamless flight, ably handling both scheduled and charter services across its diverse route network.


  • IATA: PE

Official site:

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