Paranair is an airline headquartered in Asunción, Paraguay, and has been serving as a connecting bridge for travelers since its establishment in 2018. Originating from the roots of the defunct airline, Puma Air, Paranair emerged with a commitment to rejuvenate and enhance the aerial connectivity within Paraguay and neighboring countries. Adhering to its principles of ensuring passenger safety and providing commendable service, Paranair has gradually established a footing in the regional airline sector amidst fierce competition.


Paranair navigates through the aerial routes, connecting Paraguay with pivotal destinations within South America. Primarily operating from its hub at Silvio Pettirossi International Airport, the airline offers flights to several destinations, including Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, thus facilitating robust connectivity within the region and opening avenues for both business and leisure travelers.


The airline’s fleet constitutes CRJ200 aircraft, configured to provide a comfortable and reliable flying experience for its passengers. The usage of these airplanes allows Paranair to proficiently manage its regional routes, ensuring punctuality and safety in its operations while catering to the diverse needs of its clientele, ranging from individual travelers to group charters.


  • IATA: ZP

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