Panellenic Airlines


Panellenic Private Aviation, also known as Panellenic Airlines, is a luxury air travel service provider that offers private flights connecting Greece to various destinations in Europe. With a focus on high-end in-flight services, Panellenic Airlines boasts a fleet of state-of-the-art jets managed by a world-class cabin crew, ensuring a luxurious travel experience from take-off to landing.


The airline operates scheduled flights to different destinations, providing a vital link between Greece and the broader European region. The destinations can be viewed on a map showing all scheduled flights for Panellenic Airlines during a specific time frame.


Panellenic Airlines operates with an exclusive fleet, and as of a certain point, it had an aircraft type C56X as part of its operations. The airline initially started with a fleet of three aircraft and has continued to ensure that its fleet remains modern and capable of delivering the premium service it promises.


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