Pan Europeenne


Pan Européenne Air Service is a French charter airline established in 1977, making it the oldest French air-taxi company still in operation. Based in Chambéry with another main base at Lyon-Bron Airport, the airline is specialized in business charter and VIP air taxi flights. Pan Européenne Air Service is known for its tailor-made air transport services, combining safety and comfort for its passengers, whether they require a private jet rental or customized air transport solutions.


Pan Européenne Air Service operates on a charter basis, meaning it doesn’t have fixed destinations but flies according to the demands of its clientele. The destinations can vary based on the requirements of the charterer, be it for business, VIP, or other specialized transport services.


The airline’s fleet comprises a range of Embraer aircraft and includes the Phenom 100E with 5 seats, Phenom 300 with 8 seats, Phenom 300E with 9 seats, Embraer 135 with 37 seats, and Embraer 145 with 49 seats. These aircraft cater to different passenger capacities and purposes, aligning with the airline’s focus on tailor-made air transport solutions.



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