Oyonnair, founded in 1989 by Michel Maradan, is a French charter airline based at Lyon Bron Airport, specializing in medical transportation, cargo transportation, and business aviation. The airline operates 24/7, ensuring on-call availability of its aircraft and pilots, allowing for take-offs within one hour, making it a reliable choice for urgent and medical flights. Oyonnair primarily focuses on on-demand flights, medical transport, and urgent freight services, tailoring its flight services to meet the specific needs and budgets of its clients.


As a charter operator, Oyonnair doesn’t operate regular scheduled flights but provides on-demand flights based on customer requirements. Their range of services includes graft transport, medical repatriation, SAMU flights, and urgent freight transportation, enabling them to reach various destinations as per the demand.


Oyonnair operates a variety of aircraft suited for different purposes. The fleet includes Beech 1900D aircraft, Cessna Citation Mustang, and Piaggio P.180 Avanti. These aircraft are well-suited for the diverse range of services offered by Oyonnair, from medical and cargo transportation to business aviation.



Official site: oyonnair.com