Originair is a regional airline based in Nelson, New Zealand. Established in 2015, it serves as a crucial link between smaller cities and larger domestic hubs within the country. Catering primarily to business commuters, leisure travelers, and tourists, Originair has gained a reputation for its customer-centric approach and punctuality. With an emphasis on providing reliable, convenient, and quick travel solutions, it aims to fill a niche in the New Zealand aviation market, especially connecting communities that are not served or are underserved by larger carriers.


Originair operates flights between a select number of destinations within New Zealand. It offers services primarily out of its hub in Nelson, connecting to cities such as Wellington, Palmerston North, and New Plymouth. These routes cater to a range of travelers including business commuters and tourists visiting regional attractions.


The airline operates a fleet primarily composed of British Aerospace Jetstream 31/32 aircraft, known for their comfort and efficiency, making them ideal for short-haul routes.


  • IATA: OG

Official site: originair.co.nz

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