Northern Air


Northern Air is a Fijian airline headquartered at Nausori International Airport in Suva, Fiji. Established to serve the aviation needs of the Fijian Islands, the airline primarily focuses on domestic routes, connecting major cities and remote islands within the archipelago. Northern Air also provides charter services, cargo flights, and medical evacuation services. It plays a vital role in the economic development of the country by facilitating the movement of people and goods, thereby supporting trade, tourism, and other industries. Known for its commitment to safety and customer service, Northern Air has become an integral part of the Fijian aviation landscape.


Northern Air operates domestic flights that connect major Fijian cities like Suva, Nadi, and Labasa, as well as serving smaller islands and remote communities. The airline is particularly essential for residents of less accessible areas, offering them a convenient and efficient mode of transportation.


The airline operates a mix of small to medium-sized aircraft suitable for the varying runway lengths found across the Fijian Islands. Their fleet often includes planes like the Britten-Norman Islander and the Harbin Y-12, both well-suited for short-haul flights and less developed airfields.



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