North Flying

North Flying A/S, a renowned Danish airline, is based at Aalborg Airport in Nørresundby. Established in 1963 as “Norfly Skole- og Rundflyvning”, the company has witnessed significant evolution over the years. It not only conducts VIP, passenger charter, and cargo flights but has also ventured into aircraft management and maintenance from its hangar at Aalborg Airport. An interesting facet of North Flying is its dedicated division for ambulance flights, which reflects its versatility and commitment to catering to diverse needs.


While North Flying doesn’t adhere to a fixed set of destinations, it’s known for its tailored services, catering to individual requirements. From VIP charters to specialized ambulance flights, the airline provides a vast array of services to meet the diverse needs of its clientele.


As of March 2023, North Flying’s fleet comprises 11 aircraft. This diverse fleet includes:

  • Cessna Citation II: 1 aircraft with a seating capacity of 6–10
  • Cessna Citation III: 3 aircraft, each seating 9 passengers
  • Cessna Citation VII: 1 aircraft seating 7
  • Diamond DA42 Twin Star: 1 aircraft with 2–3 seats
  • Fairchild Metroliner: 4 aircraft, each accommodating 19 passengers
  • Learjet 35: 1 aircraft with 8 seats


  • IATA: M3

Official site:

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