Nauru Airlines

Nauru Airlines is the national airline of the Republic of Nauru, a small island country in Micronesia. Founded in 1970, it has played a crucial role in connecting Nauru with the rest of the world. Headquartered in Yaren, the capital of Nauru, the airline operates a limited but essential network of routes. Over the years, it has earned a reputation for providing safe and reliable service. As one of the key players in the region’s aviation industry, Nauru Airlines has a commitment to operational excellence and customer satisfaction. Not only does the airline offer passenger services, but it also provides cargo and charter services to meet various logistical needs.


Nauru Airlines operates regular flights connecting Nauru to several international destinations such as Brisbane in Australia, Tarawa in Kiribati, and Nadi in Fiji. The airline also runs flights to other Pacific islands, serving as a vital transportation link in the region.


The airline primarily operates Boeing 737 aircraft, well-suited for medium-haul flights. These planes come equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable journey for passengers.


  • IATA: ON

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