Mýflug Airline, named after Lake Mývatn in Northern Iceland, is an Icelandic airline founded in 1985. With its primary hub at Mývatn Airport, Reykjahlid, and a secondary hub at Akureyri Airport, Akureyri, the airline stands as a significant player in the region. Mýflug operates a diverse range of flights, specializing in ambulance flight services within Iceland and charter flights to various airfields in both Iceland and Greenland. During the summer months, the airline also conducts sightseeing flights around the picturesque Lake Mývatn, offering a unique aerial perspective of the stunning Icelandic landscapes.


Mýflug serves various destinations through its charter and ambulance flights within Iceland and to Greenland. The airline’s sightseeing flights during the summer months primarily focus on the areas around Lake Mývatn. The flexibility in services caters to different needs, from medical emergency responses to exploring the beautiful regions of Iceland and Greenland.


The airline operates a fleet of four aircraft, comprising two types: Beechcraft Super King Air and Cessna 206. Among these, one Kingair is dedicated to charter flights, while the other is equipped for ambulance services, adept at handling hospital flights within Iceland. The two Cessna 206 aircraft complement the fleet by providing additional capacity for various flight services, including sightseeing adventures.



Official site: myflug.is

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