Mid Airlines


Mid Airlines is a charter airline rooted in Khartoum, Sudan. Founded in 2002, the airline has established itself as a reliable choice for domestic passenger services, with its main operations centered at Khartoum International Airport. Beginning its active operations in May 2003, the airline initially offered scheduled domestic destinations, including Khartoum, Rumbek, and Port Sudan. As of June 2016, while their regular schedule appears to have ceased, they continue to provide a range of domestic and international charter services.


Initially, Mid Airlines provided scheduled services to destinations like Khartoum, Rumbek, and Port Sudan. However, as of June 2016, it seems that they’ve transitioned primarily to offering domestic and international charter services, adapting to the evolving needs of their clientele.


Mid Airlines operates with a fleet of 2 Fokker 50 aircraft, ensuring comfortable and efficient travel for its passengers.


  • IATA: 7Y

Official site: midairlines.com