Marabu is a leisure airline based in Tallinn, Estonia, with operational bases at Hamburg Airport and Munich Airport in Germany. The airline has established a partnership with Condor, a renowned airline, for ticket sales and coordination of services. Together, they offer a seamless travel experience for passengers, ensuring convenience and reliability.


The airline operates flights to approximately 20 popular destinations across Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. In addition, there are plans to expand its services to include a wider range of destinations within Germany. With this extended network, passengers can enjoy convenient connections to a diverse selection of travel destinations, both within Europe and beyond.


Marabu fleet consists of 7 aircraft: 1 – Airbus A320-200, 4 – Airbus A320neo, 2 – Airbus A321-200, most of which are leased from and operated by other carriers.


  • IATA: DI

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