Mali Air

Mali Air, established in 1994 by Karl-Heinz Mali, embarked on its journey with flight rental operations using a twin-engine Cessna 340A based in Graz. Progressing from its humble beginnings, Mali Air Luftverkehr GmbH was founded in 1997, leading to a significant expansion in operations, including pivotal flights from Graz to Eastern Europe and a substantial agreement with an auto manufacturer in 1999. Ensuring over two decades of accident-free flight charter experience, the airline emphasizes safety, speed, and responsibility, with experienced captains steering the helm, ensuring secure and efficient travels.


Initially focusing on flights from Graz to Eastern Europe between 1997-1999, Mali Air expanded its horizons post-1999 by entering into an agreement with an auto manufacturer, thereby enabling numerous flights across Western Europe. Navigating through these regions, the airline has facilitated vital connections and steadfast services, linking different cultural and economic hubs across the European continent.


Mali Air has aircrafts like the Cessna 340A, Piper Aerostar, Cessna 421, and King Air. Further advancements in 2005 and subsequent years saw the incorporation of the Citation ISP, Eclipse 500, and Eclipse 550. Notably, the Eclipse 550 is recognized for its eco-friendliness and Chapter 4 noise certificate, while the Cessna Citation 501 stands out for its single-pilot operation certification and accommodating 5 to 7 passengers.



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