Mali Air Express


Established in 2005, Mali Air Express, with its main hub at Senou International Airport, served the air travel industry for a substantial period until it ceased operations in 2020. Based in Bamako, Mali, the airline was a notable player in the aviation sector, navigating through the complexities and demands of the industry.


Mali Air Express, operating chiefly from Senou International Airport in Bamako, Mali, potentially offered pivotal air routes that enhanced connectivity and facilitated travel across various destinations.


The Mali Air Express fleet was known to include the Saab 340A, with two of these aircraft in operation as of April 2019. The Saab 340A is recognized for its reliability and efficiency in regional air travel. While the available information does not delve into further details about the airline’s fleet during its active years, the deployment of the Saab 340A suggests a strategic focus on short to medium-haul routes.