Lumiwings is a young, dynamic airline rooted in Athens, Greece since 2015. Established by individuals passionate about flying and aeronautics, the airline initially started as a wet lease and charter operator. It commenced operations in May 2018 and expanded its services by offering scheduled flights from Forli Airport to various destinations in Italy and Eastern Europe starting from March 26, 2021. The airline’s goal is to provide a pleasant travel experience resembling the way its founders would like to travel.


Lumiwings provides scheduled services from Forli Airport to several destinations in Italy and Eastern Europe. Some of the destinations include Mostar-Medjugorje, Torino, Milano, and Foggia as listed on their official website. The airline aims to cater to both business and leisure travelers by connecting them to cities rich in art, pristine beaches, and various other attractions.


The fleet of Lumiwings includes a mix of Boeing 737-300 and 737-700 aircraft. Additionally, the airline leased a General Electric CF34-powered E195, which was previously operated by Brazilian carrier Azul. This diversification in their fleet allows Lumiwings to provide a mix of capacities and range to cater to the demands of their charter and scheduled service operations.


  • IATA: L9

Official site:

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