Longtail Aviation


Longtail Aviation, established as Bermuda’s first international carrier of large-scale cargo and private charter service, boasts a dedicated commitment to providing secure, efficient, and exclusive air transport solutions. Notably recognized for facilitating non-scheduled premium cargo and passenger services, Longtail Aviation intricately blends luxurious air travel with logistic precision. Endeavoring to encapsulate the epitome of exclusivity and reliability in aviation, the carrier gracefully ensures a serene yet expedient travel and transport experience.


Not bound by the conventional scheduled air services, Longtail Aviation blossoms in its ability to carve out exclusive air routes, commencing from its hub at L.F. Wade International Airport. Crafting journeys that are as unique as their clientele, the airline precisely operates with a focus on furnishing both individualized passenger travel and cargo services, navigating through bespoke itineraries that encapsulate both the urgency and the exclusivity demanded by its distinctive client base.


Employing a diverse fleet to service its bespoke charter and cargo operations, Longtail Aviation operates a variety of aircraft, each thoughtfully selected to meet the distinctive needs of varied, precise air travel and transportation. As of specific past data, their fleet has included 2 Dassault Falcon 900B, 1 Cessna Citation S/II, 1 Beech King Air 350, and 1 Beech King Air 200, while also integrating larger aircraft like the Boeing 737-700BBJ and 2 Boeing 747-400F, ensuring a versatile, capable service across both private and cargo transport spectrums.


  • IATA: 6T

Official site: www.longtailaviation.com