Lauda Europe

Lauda Europe, founded in July 2020 and commencing operations in September 2020, is a Maltese low-cost airline. Operating under the IATA code LW and ICAO code LDA, it serves as a subsidiary of Ryanair Holdings. Lauda Europe emerged as a successor to the Austrian carrier Lauda, inheriting its fleet and staff. It specializes in wet-lease flights for Ryanair and also offers charter services. Its headquarters are located in Malta.


Information about the specific destinations of Lauda Europe is not readily available. As a wet-lease and charter service provider, its destinations are likely variable and tailored to the needs of its parent company, Ryanair, and charter clients.


The fleet of Lauda Europe consists exclusively of 28 Airbus A320-200 aircraft, each with a capacity of 180 passengers. These aircraft are versatile and well-suited for both short and medium-haul flights, aligning with the airline’s low-cost and flexible service model.


  • IATA: LW

Official site:

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