LATAM Airlines Paraguay

LATAM Airlines Paraguay, a subsidiary of the larger LATAM Airlines Group, serves as the national airline of Paraguay. Headquartered in Asunción, it has built a reputation for reliable service and operational excellence in line with the broader LATAM brand. Founded in 1963 as LAP (Líneas Aéreas Paraguayas), the airline underwent significant transformation upon its integration into the LATAM group. Serving mainly South American destinations, LATAM Airlines Paraguay has a firm foothold in the regional aviation market and contributes to Paraguay’s connectivity with the world.


LATAM Airlines Paraguay primarily operates flights within South America, connecting Asunción with major cities like Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Santiago, and Lima. The airline also has occasional services to other international destinations, but its focus remains largely regional.


The airline’s fleet mainly consists of narrow-body aircraft, suitable for its regional routes. This includes models such as the Airbus A320 family, which offers a balance of efficiency and comfort for passengers.


  • IATA: PZ

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