LATAM Airlines Colombia

LATAM Airlines Colombia, formerly known as LAN Colombia, is a subsidiary of the larger LATAM Airlines Group, one of the biggest airline conglomerates in Latin America. With its headquarters in Bogotá, Colombia, the airline was founded in 2011 after the Chilean LAN Airlines acquired the Colombian airline Aires. The transition to the LATAM brand happened in 2016, as part of the merger between LAN and TAM Airlines. The airline focuses on providing high-quality service and reliable connectivity within Colombia and to various international destinations.


LATAM Airlines Colombia operates a wide array of flights that cover major cities within Colombia like Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, and Cartagena. It also provides international flights to other Latin American countries as well as connections to North America and Europe through the LATAM Airlines network.


The airline’s fleet consists of a mix of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, including the Airbus A320 family for short to medium-haul flights and Boeing 787 Dreamliners for long-haul international routes.


  • IATA: 4C

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