LATAM Airlines Brasil


LATAM Airlines Brasil, formerly known as TAM Airlines, is the Brazilian arm of LATAM Airlines Group, the largest airline conglomerate in Latin America. Founded in 1976 as TAM, it later merged with LAN Airlines in 2012 to form LATAM. The airline is headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil, and plays a critical role in connecting the country both domestically and internationally. It is one of the largest airlines in Brazil and South America, known for its extensive network and commitment to service quality. Its frequent flyer program, LATAM Pass, offers various benefits and is popular among regular travelers.


LATAM Airlines Brasil operates a wide range of flights covering domestic destinations across Brazil as well as international routes to North America, Europe, Africa, and other parts of South America. The airline has a strong presence in major Brazilian cities like São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Brasilia.


The airline operates a varied fleet consisting of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, including models like the Airbus A320, A350, and Boeing 767, 777. These planes are used for different types of routes, ranging from short-haul domestic flights to long-haul international services.


  • IATA: JJ

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