Karun Airlines

Karun Airlines, previously known as Iranian Naft Airlines, is based in Tehran, Iran. Established in 1992, the airline operates both cargo and passenger services within Iran and neighboring regions. With its primary hubs at Tehran Mehrabad Airport and Ahvaz International Airport, the airline extends its services from multiple other airports. The airline underwent rebranding in 2017, changing its name from Iranian Naft Airline to Karun Airlines.


Karun Airlines provides scheduled services to a broad spectrum of destinations. Within Iran, the airline operates flights to cities like Ahvaz, Asaluyeh, Bahregan, and Bandar Abbas among others. Internationally, it offers flights to destinations including Kuwait City, Muscat, and Dubai.


The airline’s fleet, as of April 2023, comprises a combination of Fokker 100 and Boeing 737-300 aircrafts. The Fokker 100s can accommodate 100 passengers, while the Boeing 737-300s have a capacity of 149 passengers.


  • IATA: NV

Official site: karunair.ir

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