Kabo Air

Kabo Air is a prominent airline based in Nigeria, known for its longstanding services in the region. Founded in 1980, Kabo Air has since played a vital role in the Nigerian aviation industry, offering both scheduled and charter flights. Over the years, the airline has made significant strides in expanding its fleet and services, maintaining a keen emphasis on safety and customer satisfaction.


Kabo Air predominantly operates domestic flights within Nigeria, connecting major cities and regions. Additionally, the airline has been known to offer international charter flights to destinations in the Middle East and Hajj pilgrimage flights.


Historically, Kabo Air’s fleet comprised various aircraft models, including Boeing 747s, which were prominently used for long-haul and charter services. Over the years, the airline has utilized various other aircraft models to meet its operational needs.


  • IATA: N9

Official site: www.kaboair.com

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