JetFly Aviation

JetFly Aviation, with 23 years of expertise, is a European frontrunner in fractional aircraft ownership, providing business and private aviation services. It boasts over 200,000 flight hours and operates the world’s largest fleet of Pilatus aircraft, including PC-12 and PC-24 models. JetFly offers comprehensive 24/7 booking, flight management, and aircraft maintenance.


JetFly Aviation’s extensive network includes numerous destinations, accessible through their flexible services. While specific route details are not publicly listed, their fleet’s versatility allows access to over 3,000 airports and airfields across Europe, ensuring comprehensive coverage for business and personal travel needs.


JetFly’s fleet is predominantly composed of Pilatus aircraft, including the versatile PC-24 jet, renowned as the only aircraft to combine turboprop versatility with medium jet cabin size and light jet performance. The PC-12, another fleet mainstay, offers luxury and comfort, with the ability to reach a vast number of European airports and airfields. Additionally, the Cirrus SF50, known as the first single-engine personal jet, rounds out the fleet with its performance and accessibility.



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