Jetflite is a Finnish charter airline with decades of experience in offering private and corporate air travel solutions. Specializing in long-range flights, Jetflite provides a premium level of service, ensuring privacy, speed, and flexibility for its passengers. The company’s commitment to safety and excellence has made it a preferred choice for many business executives, private travelers, and emergency medical flights. As an integral part of the Finnish aviation sector, Jetflite continues to maintain the Nordic traditions of reliability and punctuality.


Jetflite primarily operates on-demand charter flights, which means the destinations largely depend on the client’s requirements. They have the capability to fly to a vast number of global destinations, ranging from European cities to more remote or exotic locations. Their flexible approach to destinations sets them apart, as they can adapt to the unique needs of each passenger or corporation.


The Jetflite fleet comprises a variety of business jets optimized for long-range travel. These aircraft are equipped with luxurious amenities, ensuring a comfortable journey for their esteemed clientele. The exact number and models of the aircraft might vary based on business demands and fleet updates.


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