JetCorp, or Jet Corporate, is a specialized airline company located in Lyon and Toulouse, focused on business aviation, also known as Aviation d’Affaires. The airline caters to business travel needs by providing a service of prestige that is at least equivalent to the first class of a large airline. Some flights are conducted with a hostess on board to ensure comfort and security throughout the journey, contributing to enhancing the productivity of the clients’ enterprise teams.


JetCorp operates with a flexible schedule based on the clients’ needs, including the dates and locations of departure and arrival. They have access to 500 airports and airfields across Europe, offering a vast range of destination options. The services are available round the clock, seven days a week, ensuring a responsive and personalized service to meet the business travel demands of their clientele.


The aircraft operated by JetCorp can accommodate up to 9 passengers, indicating a fleet of smaller, business-oriented aircraft. These planes are stationed at the airports of Lyon-Bron and Toulouse. The specific types of aircraft are not mentioned on the official website, but the emphasis is on providing a luxurious and comfortable travel experience for business professionals.


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