Jeju Air

Jeju Air is a South Korean low-cost airline, the first to be founded in the country. It is headquartered in Jeju City and primarily operates domestic flights, but has expanded its reach to cover several international destinations as well. Since its launch in 2005, Jeju Air has been consistently delivering high-quality service while committing to the best safety standards.


Jeju Air operates flights across South Korea and beyond. Its primary hub is in Jeju International Airport, and it also operates flights from several cities including Seoul, Busan, and Cheongju. Internationally, it offers flights to Japan, China, Russia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Guam, amongst other destinations.


Jeju Air operates primarily with Boeing 737-800 aircraft. These are single-aisle airplanes which can accommodate a fair number of passengers, suiting the short-haul, high frequency nature of Jeju Air’s business model.


  • IATA: 7C

Official site:

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