iXair is a reputable business aviation company located at Paris-le-Bourget airport. Established over 20 years ago, initially specializing in helicopters, it transitioned into business jet transportation in the mid-2000s. The expansion saw new operational bases in Lyon, the French Riviera, and Los Angeles in 2019. In 2021, a collaboration with BARNES led to the formation of a common brand, BARNES IXAIR, enhancing its market presence and services.


iXair, through its extensive fleet, facilitates global travel, providing charter flights to numerous destinations worldwide. Their service is tailored to meet individual needs, ensuring clients reach their destinations, whether local or international, with ease and comfort.


iXair boasts a diverse fleet of latest-generation aircraft, ensuring safety, comfort, and technological advancement. Their fleet includes a variety of aircraft such as Gulfstream G600 and G500, Falcon series, Citation series, and many more, accommodating varying passenger numbers and covering different range distances. The fleet is meticulously maintained to ensure optimum performance and safety during all flights.



Official site: barnes-ixair.com

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