Islands Nationair

Islands Nationair is a regional airline operating primarily in the Pacific region. The airline focuses on connecting smaller, often remote, islands to larger hubs, thereby facilitating trade, tourism, and transportation of goods and people. Known for its commitment to safety and reliability, Islands Nationair has played a pivotal role in making air travel accessible and convenient for communities in isolated areas. While not a large-scale carrier, the airline has earned a reputation for punctuality and offering personalized customer service, making it a preferred choice for local and intra-island travel.


Islands Nationair specializes in connecting various islands in the Pacific region to larger airports and cities. Their primary mission is to serve smaller communities that may not have access to larger, commercial airlines. They offer both scheduled and charter services, focusing on linking isolated islands to bigger hubs where international and larger domestic flights operate.


Given its specialized area of operation, Islands Nationair operates a fleet of smaller aircraft that are well-suited for short-haul flights and for landing on smaller airstrips commonly found on islands. These aircraft are engineered for safety and efficiency, providing a viable and convenient air travel option for communities in remote areas.