Iran Airtour

Iran Airtour, headquartered in Tehran, is one of the primary airlines of Iran, offering both domestic and international services. Established in 1973 with the goal of expanding tourism within and beyond Iran, this airline has its primary hubs at Mehrabad International Airport and Mashhad International Airport.


Iran Airtour provides scheduled services to a wide range of destinations. Internally, it connects major cities within Iran, such as Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, and Shiraz. On the international front, it offers routes to places like Yerevan in Armenia, Najaf in Iraq, various destinations in Turkey including Istanbul and Izmir, and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. They also serve seasonal routes to certain destinations.


The Iran Airtour fleet, as of June 2023, is diverse and consists of several types of aircraft. This includes Airbus A300-600 and Airbus A310-300, as well as McDonnell Douglas MD-82 and MD-83 jetliners. The airline operates a total of 12 aircraft to serve its extensive network of destinations.


  • IATA: B9

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