Hongkong Jet

Hongkong Jet is a renowned charter airline based in Hong Kong. Founded in 2011, the airline specializes in offering premier VIP charter services. Operating from its main hub in Hong Kong, it has expanded its presence with operational bases in cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Guernsey, Shanghai, Beijing, and Dubai. Led by CEO Alex Jiao, the airline prides itself on its modern fleet of ACJ aircraft designed to provide luxurious and exclusive travel experiences to its elite clientele.


While Hongkong Jet primarily operates out of its hub in Hong Kong, it has a strong presence and operational bases in various cities including Kuala Lumpur, Guernsey, Shanghai, Beijing, and Dubai. Catering to the high-end market, their charter services offer unparalleled flexibility and luxury to travelers.


Hongkong Jet’s fleet is specifically tailored to offer a luxurious VIP travel experience. Their fleet includes one ACJ 318, two ACJ 319s, and one ACJ 330-200 aircraft. Historically, they also operated BBJ 737-700 aircraft, reflecting their commitment to delivering top-tier services to their clients.



Official site: hongkongjet.com.hk

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