Hellenic Seaplanes

Hellenic Seaplanes, a Greece-based seaplane company, was established with a vision to leverage Greece’s unique geographic landscape for seaplane operations. Headquartered in Athens, it aims to create modern water aerodrome infrastructure to support seaplane services and their facilities. With a comprehensive range of services like scheduled flights, chartered flights, and more, Hellenic Seaplanes is on a mission to provide a reliable and innovative air transport solution across the region, connecting the mainland to various islands.


The airline plans to operate from Athens and connect all Greek Islands to the mainland. The destinations include Volos, Patra, Tinos, Patmos, Skyros, Alonissos, Skopelos, Sifnos, Kalamata, and Kyllini among others, with the primary goal of bridging the geographic gap and providing convenient transport solutions to both residents and visitors.


The fleet comprises of a Cessna Caravan C-208, an amphibian seaplane known for its safety and ease of handling. It’s a light turboprop single-engine aircraft, capable of traveling at a speed of 270-320 km/h, accommodating 10-14 passengers. The seaplane is suited for the diverse operational needs across Greek waterways, marking a significant step towards achieving the company’s vision of connecting Greece through seaplanes.


Official site: hellenic-seaplanes.com

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