Grossmann Air Service

With its base at Vienna Schwechat, Grossmann Air Service Bedarfsflugunternehmen GmbH & Co, commonly known as Grossmann Air Service, seamlessly integrates into Austria’s robust air travel infrastructure. This airline, though not widely recognized through an IATA code, distinctly identifies with the ICAO code HTG and utilizes the callsign GROSSMAN. Offering a niche yet vital segment of air travel, Grossmann emphasizes reliability and proficiency in its air service throughout its operating regions.


Grossmann Air Service, based in Austria, potentially caters to numerous destinations, leveraging its strategic hub at Vienna Schwechat. While specific routes and destinations may vary, the airline possibly provides pivotal connections, facilitating both domestic and international travel, ensuring passengers and cargo reach their destinations efficiently and safely.


The fleet of Grossmann Air Service consists of select aircraft types optimized for various travel needs. In particular, the Dornier Do-328 and Saab 340 airplanes are instrumental in ensuring robust, reliable, and efficient air travel services, offering a blend of capacity, range, and performance that potentially suits the airline’s operational framework and route network, thereby catering to both passenger and cargo transportation needs.