Global Jet Luxembourg


Global Jet Luxembourg, previously recognized as Silver Arrows, has firmly established its presence in the private charter industry since its inception in 1999. Headquartered in Hesperange, Luxembourg, and operating chiefly from Luxembourg Airport, this air charter company specializes in delivering exclusive business jet services. Global Jet Luxembourg provides both charter and leasing options across Europe and Northern Africa, endorsing the notion of seamless, private, and luxurious travel tailored to individual needs and preferences.


As a private charter company, Global Jet Luxembourg enables its esteemed clientele to travel to an array of destinations across Europe and Northern Africa. The company operates with an overarching principle of providing unfettered access to premium air travel, ensuring each journey is sculpted in accordance to the distinct desires and requirements of the passengers, thereby permitting them to traverse destinations of their choice with ease and opulence.


With a commendable fleet size of 44 aircraft, Global Jet Luxembourg houses a diverse array of business jets, ensuring varied options to meet the unique requirements of their clientele. The fleet includes, but is not limited to, Airbus models ACJ318-100, ACJ319-100, ACJ340, and ACJ330, Boeing models BBJ3, 737-900BBJ, and 767-300ER, Bombardier models Challenger 605, Global 5000, Global 6000, and Global Express, Cessna models CitationJet CJ4 and Citation XLS+, and various models from Dassault Falcon and Gulfstream. Each aircraft mirrors a reflection of luxury, technological advancement, and top-tier safety and security standards.



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