Global Jet Austria


Global Jet, esteemed as a world leader in private aviation, has been orchestrating elite, bespoke air travel experiences for 23 years. Still privately owned by its original founders, the company embarks on an unwavering mission to curate unparalleled sky journeys with a profound commitment to excellence. Offering more than mere services, Global Jet positions itself as a dedicated partner for those contemplating chartering or owning private aircraft, ensuring that every voyage is emblematic of luxury, convenience, and impeccable service.


Operating from its base at Vienna Schwechat International (VIE), Global Jet doesn’t adhere to a fixed route map. The destinations are rather a reflection of the clientele’s diverse and bespoke requirements, ensuring a highly personalized and luxurious travel experience tailored to individual needs and preferences. With a worldwide network facilitated by ten international offices, the company guarantees proficient localized knowledge and an extensive global reach in its operations.


The fleet under Global Jet is synonymous with luxury and bespoke airborne experiences, although specific details about the types and number of aircraft in their possession might be proprietary due to the private and exclusive nature of their service. The aircraft, meticulously maintained and flown by seasoned pilots, reflect a perfect amalgamation of safety, luxury, and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring that every journey is executed to the pinnacle of client expectations.



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