Galapagos Airways

Established in 2018, Galapagos Airways has embarked on a journey to become a noteworthy airline in Ecuador, focusing predominantly on serving regional destinations, including the famed Galapagos archipelago. As of July 2021, the startup airline has been meticulously working towards acquiring its Air Operator Certificate (AOC) to formalize its operations. The airline has projected plans to serve up to 10 domestic destinations once operational.


The airline intends to bolster connectivity within Ecuador by catering to various regional destinations, with a significant emphasis on the Galapagos Islands. Two principal hubs have been identified to facilitate this, namely Seymour Airport (GPS) and San Cristobal Airport (SCY), although Mariscal Sucre International Airport (UIO) is slated to serve as its base airport.


While specific details about the aircraft to be operated by Galapagos Airways remain under wraps, it has been indicated that the fleet might consist of narrow-body aircraft, potentially choosing between the Boeing 737 NG or the Embraer E190. Both aircraft models are adept at managing regional routes efficiently and are widely used in similar operational contexts globally.