FlyMontserrat, officially known as Montserrat Airways Ltd, is a British West Indies-based airline located at John A. Osborne Airport in Gerald’s, Montserrat. Founded in 2009, this airline connects the serene island of Montserrat to Antigua, using its Britten Norman BN-2 aircraft. In its initial days, it was bolstered by financial support from various entities like the Montserrat Tourist Board, British Department for International Development (DFID), and the Tourism Challenge Fund, sponsored by the government of Montserrat.


Operating with a focus on regional connectivity, FlyMontserrat extends its services from John A. Osborne Airport in Montserrat to V. C. Bird International Airport in Antigua. The airline is not limited to scheduled destinations but also ventures into charter services, expanding its reach to an additional 16 destinations, thus providing flexible and tailored air travel options in the region.


FlyMontserrat operates a fleet consisting exclusively of the Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander aircraft. Known for its durability and suitability for short-haul flights, the BN-2 Islander facilitates the airline’s consistent and reliable services across its routes, accommodating up to 9 passengers per journey and ensuring that the enchanting locales of Montserrat and Antigua are readily accessible to explorers and locals alike.


  • IATA: 5M

Official site:

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