Flybondi is an Argentine low-cost airline that was founded in 2016 and commenced operations in January 2018. Headquartered in Buenos Aires, Flybondi aims to make air travel more accessible for Argentinians by offering budget-friendly fares. The airline has garnered attention for disrupting the traditional aviation market in Argentina, focusing on point-to-point service and operating from alternative airports to reduce costs. Flybondi’s main base is at El Palomar Airport in Buenos Aires, one of the first low-cost airports in South America. With a growing network, the airline serves several domestic and international destinations, including Uruguay and Brazil. Flybondi plays a significant role in the democratization of air travel in Argentina, targeting travelers who might otherwise use bus or train services.


Flybondi operates a variety of routes within Argentina, connecting cities like Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and Mendoza, among others. In addition to domestic routes, the airline also provides international services, including flights to destinations such as Montevideo in Uruguay and São Paulo in Brazil.


Flybondi primarily operates Boeing 737 aircraft, which are known for their fuel efficiency and are commonly used in low-cost airline fleets. These planes are ideal for the short to medium-haul routes that Flybondi specializes in, and their lower operating costs contribute to the airline’s ability to offer budget-friendly fares.


  • IATA: FO

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