Felix Airways

Felix Airways, also known as flyFelix, is a low-cost airline based in Yemen. Established in 2008, Felix Airways aimed to provide affordable travel options to the people of Yemen and the surrounding regions. Despite a challenging operating environment due to political instability and security concerns in Yemen, Felix Airways has endeavored to maintain a consistent flight schedule. The airline is committed to safety, reliability, and providing a valuable service to its customers in a region with limited travel options.


Felix Airways operates domestic flights within Yemen, connecting major cities such as Sana’a, Aden, and Taiz. It also offers international flights, primarily focusing on destinations within the Arabian Peninsula, including cities like Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dubai.


The fleet of Felix Airways is composed of CRJ-700 aircraft. These regional jets, manufactured by Bombardier, are known for their efficiency and are designed to serve smaller airports and shorter routes, aligning with Felix Airways’ focus on domestic and regional service.


  • IATA: FO

Official site: www.felixairways.com

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