Eznis Airways

Eznis Airways LLC, a Mongolian-based airline, was once the largest domestic service provider, also extending its reach to international destinations like Hong Kong and Russia. Established in 2006, Eznis enjoyed a dominant position in Mongolia’s aviation sector. However, financial constraints led to its cessation in 2014. Nevertheless, in 2019, Eznis made a remarkable comeback, reviving its aviation services with the slogan “Fly easy, Fly smart!” The airline has since operated with a fleet of Boeings, reinforcing its low-cost airline model efficiency.


Eznis Airways serves several destinations, both domestically and internationally. Within Mongolia, it operates flights connecting Ulaanbaatar to other major cities. Its international footprints are seen in countries like Hong Kong, South Korea, and Russia. The airline’s network promotes strong intercity and international connectivity, catering to a diverse range of passengers.


Eznis Airways has a fleet comprising of Boeing 737-700 and Airbus A330-200 aircraft. These aircraft are renowned for their reliability and efficient performance, making them ideal for both domestic and international routes. Their fleet choices further emphasize Eznis’ commitment to operational efficiency and passenger safety.


  • IATA: MG

Official site: www.eznis.com

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