Eurus Aviation

Eurus Aviation, based in Mexico City and founded in 2017, stands out in the Mexican aviation sector, particularly in the charter flights segment. With personnel and crew boasting over 20 years of experience in both commercial and executive aviation, the company is dedicated to providing streamlined, efficient services that prioritize passenger convenience and exemplify the perks of private aviation. Operating primarily out of Toluca International Airport, Eurus Aviation prides itself on offering charter services that outperform commercial flights in terms of registration, documentation, and luggage processing times, delivering an experience akin to a private flight.


Eurus Aviation specializes in private aviation, primarily within the charter flights segment, concentrating on delivering a superior, expedited service to its passengers. Their operations are mainly rooted in Toluca International Airport, though their charter services facilitate travel to numerous destinations, prioritizing a high-quality, private flight experience for each passenger.


While specific details about the fleet are not provided, Eurus Aviation operates a range of aircraft suitable for charter flight services, ensuring that passengers experience a seamless journey that parallels the exclusivity and convenience of private flying. The choice of aircraft likely aligns with the mission to offer swift, uncomplicated travel services, mirroring the luxury and efficiency of private aviation.


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