Eurowings Europe (Austria)


Eurowings Europe, once an Austrian and now a Maltese low-cost airline, is a subsidiary of the Lufthansa and a sister company to the Eurowings. Founded in 2016 and commencing operations in Austria in June of the same year, Eurowings Europe has seen several transitions, including ceasing its Austrian operations and registering in Malta in November 2022. With a history of operating routes throughout Europe, it initially launched with a base in Vienna and has since opened multiple bases across the continent, navigating various operational changes throughout its existence.


Eurowings Europe has strategically expanded its network by establishing bases in various European cities, including Vienna, Salzburg, Palma de Mallorca, Prague, Stockholm Arlanda, and Pristina, though as of 2022, Vienna serves only as a crew base with no stationed aircraft. Also, in December 2022, Graz was announced as a new summer base. Engaging in regional flights throughout Europe, Eurowings Europe connects a plethora of destinations, providing diverse travel options across the continent, from major cities to sought-after holiday spots.


Eurowings Europe operates a fleet consisting of Airbus A319-100 and Airbus A320-200 aircraft, with 6 and 14 in service, respectively. Offering capacities of 150 and 180 passengers per flight, these aircraft serve Eurowings, ensuring passengers experience reliable, comfortable travel across the airline’s extensive network.


  • IATA: E2 (Eurowings Austria)
  • ICAO: EWE (Eurowings Austria)

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