ETF Airways

ETF Airways, a Croatian charter and ACMI operation airline, was officially registered in November 2020 and commenced operations in 2021. With headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia, it aimed to operationalize a Boeing 737-800 by summer 2021, with flights from various European countries to Adriatic coast holiday destinations. Certified in May 2021, ETF initially operated two aircraft in its first season and expanded its fleet in the following years. Notably, it has engaged in ventures like deals with Kosovan tour operator MyWings and operating contracts with the French airline Corsair.


ETF Airways began its journey focusing on charter flights to holiday destinations along the Croatian Adriatic coast from numerous European countries. A notable venture includes a deal with Kosovan tour operator MyWings, which led to basing an aircraft in Pristina, operating flights to several European destinations. Additionally, the airline expanded its operations with routes between locations like Pristina and Helsinki, and between Reunion and Mayotte on behalf of French airline Corsair.


ETF Airways, as of September 2021, operates a fleet consisting of Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Initially, the airline managed two aircraft and introduced a third one by early 2022, with future plans for further additions. The current fleet has aircraft named with notable titles like “Voyager”, “Enterprise”, and “Discovery”, each signifying a bit of the enterprise’s personality and aligning with its future-oriented vision.


  • IATA: LI

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