Eastafrican.com, officially known as East African Safari Air Express Ltd, is a reputable Kenyan airline headquartered at Wilson Airport in Nairobi. Initially branded as East African Safari Air, it underwent a series of rebrandings, with its most notable transformation to Fly-SAX upon acquisition by Fly540’s parent company. Despite its storied history, which includes a brief period of receivership and purchase by low-cost carrier Fly540, the airline continues to operate, providing local and regional flights with a focus on delivering unparalleled air travel experiences to its passengers.


Eastafrican.com operates flights to an array of destinations both within and outside Kenya. Key routes include locations like Moroni in Comoros, various counties in Kenya like Baringo, Garissa, and Nairobi, as well as international destinations like Mogadishu in Somalia and Entebbe in Uganda.


The airline boasts a diverse fleet of aircraft to cater to different travel needs. This includes the Bombardier CRJ200ER, Douglas DC-9-10, Fokker F28 Fellowship 4000, Beechcraft B1900, and the Cessna 208 Caravan.


  • IATA: B5

Official site: eastafrican.com

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