Donghai Airlines

Donghai Airlines, headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, is a rapidly growing Chinese airline that has been providing stellar services since its inception in 2006. Originally established as a cargo airline, Donghai transitioned to passenger services in 2014, exemplifying its adaptable nature and commitment to meeting market demands. Today, it stands as one of the prominent private airlines in China, showcasing its dedication to punctuality, service quality, and aviation safety.


Donghai Airlines primarily operates domestic routes, linking Shenzhen to numerous cities across China. Additionally, the airline has expanded its wings, offering international routes to various destinations in Asia, Oceania, and beyond, reflecting its ambition to be a global player in the airline industry.


The airline boasts a modern fleet mainly comprising Boeing 737 aircraft, ensuring a reliable and comfortable flying experience for passengers on both domestic and international routes.


  • IATA: DZ

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