Dalian Airlines

Dalian Airlines is a regional carrier based in Dalian, Liaoning Province, China. A joint venture between Air China and the Dalian Baoshui Zhengtong Co, this airline began its operations in 2011. Serving as a testament to the rapid urbanization and development of Dalian, the airline emphasizes its commitment to passenger safety, timely operations, and high-quality in-flight services. With its strategically located hub, Dalian Airlines bridges the gap between the northeastern regions of China and other significant points in the country.


Dalian Airlines operates mainly domestic routes, linking Dalian with key cities and provinces across China. With its ever-growing route network, the airline is continuously expanding to meet the increasing demand for air travel in and out of the northeastern regions of China.


The airline’s fleet is predominantly made up of the Boeing 737 series aircraft, which are renowned for their reliability, efficiency, and passenger comfort for short to medium-haul routes.


  • IATA: CC

Official site: www.dalianair-china.com