Culebra Air Services

Culebra Air Services, initially known as Air Culebra since its establishment in 1998, is a modestly sized airline rooted in Culebra, Puerto Rico. Operating chiefly out of Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in San Juan, and catering to locales within the Caribbean expanse, this airline has positioned itself as a connective thread between varied Caribbean islands and the eastern part of the United States through its charter flights. Owned by pilot Captain Matthew Mulvey as of 2015, it blends its charter services with regular passenger flights among Puerto Rican destinations, ensuring aerial connectivity within the region.


Culebra Air Services orchestrates charter flights across the Caribbean and onward to The Bahamas, extending its wings further to the eastern United States. Additionally, the airline, utilizing its compact, propeller-engine airplanes, seamlessly connects local Puerto Rican destinations such as Culebra, San Juan, and Vieques, with regularly scheduled passenger services, maintaining a vital aerial bridge within the territory.


With a fleet composed of 3 PA23 Piper Aztec Twin aircraft as of 2020, Culebra Air Services continues to facilitate its localized and international flight services. These twin-engine propeller aircraft not only assure reliability for charter services but also underpin the scheduled passenger flights, ensuring a steady operational flow within and beyond Puerto Rican borders.