Cubana de Aviación


Cubana de Aviación, commonly referred to as Cubana, is Cuba’s largest airline and the country’s flag carrier. Founded in 1929, it is one of the oldest airlines in the world. Cubana has been a symbol of Cuban national pride, connecting the island nation with various international destinations and providing crucial air travel services to its citizens and tourists alike.


Cubana operates flights to several destinations within Cuba and across the world, including locations in Europe, the Americas, and the Caribbean. Popular destinations include Havana, Santiago de Cuba, and international flights to destinations such as Madrid, Mexico City, and Toronto, among others.


The airline operates a variety of aircraft to service its routes, including models from Ilyushin, Antonov, and Tupolev. It should be noted that the fleet composition can change due to various factors, such as acquiring new aircraft or retiring older models.


  • IATA: CU

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