Cronos Airlines

Cronos Airlines is a private airline based in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. Founded in 2007, this airline plays a significant role in the nation’s air travel industry, providing a link between Equatorial Guinea’s main cities and extending the nation’s connections with other countries in West and Central Africa.


Cronos Airlines operates regular scheduled flights within Equatorial Guinea, connecting the country’s major cities, Malabo and Bata. In addition to its domestic operations, Cronos Airlines offers international services, extending its reach to key destinations in West and Central Africa. These international routes include cities such as Douala in Cameroon, Cotonou in Benin, Accra in Ghana, and more.


The fleet of Cronos Airlines includes Boeing 737 aircraft, which are renowned for their reliability and efficiency. These planes are configured to offer comfortable seating arrangements for passengers in both business and economy classes, aiming to ensure a satisfying and pleasant travel experience across all routes, whether domestic or international.


  • IATA: C8

Official site:

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