Costa Rica Green Airways


Costa Rica Green Airways is a boutique airline specializing in domestic flights within Costa Rica, with a focus on eco-friendly aviation. Established with a vision to promote sustainable air travel, the airline is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by using the latest technology and green initiatives. As a key player in the Costa Rican aviation industry, the airline aims to provide a seamless travel experience, from booking to landing, while making a positive environmental impact.


Costa Rica Green Airways primarily operates domestic flights within Costa Rica, connecting major cities and tourist destinations. The airline is also known for its scenic flights, offering aerial tours of natural landmarks and parks in the region.


The airline’s fleet consists mainly of modern turboprop aircraft that are optimized for fuel efficiency and low emissions. These airplanes are specially designed to have a lesser environmental impact and are ideal for the shorter distances covered by the airline.


  • IATA: GW

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