CityJet is an Irish regional airline with headquarters in Swords, Dublin. Initially founded in 1993, CityJet began its operations as a subsidiary of Air Foyle, serving routes between London City Airport and regional destinations within Europe. Over the years, CityJet has evolved, undergoing several ownership and operational changes, but it has consistently retained its identity as an airline offering convenience for business travelers, especially with its primary focus on the London City routes.


CityJet, as of my last training data, predominantly focused on serving routes to and from London City Airport. They operated scheduled flights to several European cities including Dublin, Amsterdam, Florence, and Paris, to name a few. However, CityJet also ventured into wet leasing, meaning they provided aircraft and crew to other airlines on their behalf, thus expanding their operational destinations indirectly.


CityJet’s fleet has varied over time, but they have been known for operating the Avro RJ85 and the Bombardier CRJ-900, among others. The Avro RJ85, in particular, was a favorite for the short runway at London City Airport, making it an optimal choice for the airline’s primary operations. However, it’s essential to check the current fleet status directly from CityJet or aviation databases for the latest updates.


  • IATA: WX

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